Information about purchase contracts

You want to buy a house or land?

To simplify this process you will find our data sheet below this entry. There you can enter all the information and data we need to prepare a draft. 

After you have filled out the data sheet completely, you can send it to us either by e-mail ( or by mail. You are also welcome to drop it in our mailbox. 

The responsible clerk will prepare a draft based on your information and send it to all parties involved. 

Please let us also know who will be you translator for this contract. 

After you have received the draft and agreed with the other parties involved as well as the translator, a date for the notarization can be arranged with the notary's office. To arrange the notarization appointment, please have the "Vorgangsbezeichnung" of your draft ready.

For further questions regarding the data sheet as well as the preparation of contracts please do not hesitate to contact us!


If you don't know how to find a translator you can use the following link:

Datasheet Property Purchase.pdf (212.68KB)
Datasheet Property Purchase.pdf (212.68KB)

 Dr. Frank Buchhold, LL.M. Eur.
Notar in Kusel